The collection is valuable


The Brain collection is unique due to its

  • size: 9479 brains
  • continuity over time: The brains were collected from 1945 to 1982
  • diagnostic variety: The brains were collected from people diagnosed with a variety of brain diseases, most frequently dementia, schizophrenia, mania and/or depression



All 9479 examined brains were serially numbered and recorded in protocol books (1).

The collection has carbon copies (2) of the detailed neuropathological responses sent from the Institute of Brain Pathology.

It will probably be possible to obtain approx. half of the original hospital patient records (3) from various archives.

The majority of the 2500 patient records from Aarhus University Hospital, Risskov are archived at a separate archive at the Danish National Archives in Viborg.

Well-preserved - routine histological staining

Routine histological staining is unproblematic despite many years of storage in fixative at room temperature. These images show tissue processed in 2005 after 25 years (1) and 53 years (2 and 3), respectively, in formalin.


Well-preserved - specific diagnostic staining

Specific diagnostic stains are possible in sections from the paraffin blocks.
From left: Bielschowsky stain, immunohistochemical stains for Amyloid β, and Tau protein.