TNU research meetings

Spring 2020 - online meetings


29 April

Kennia Moura SilveiraInvolvement of 2-AG in the stress response

6 May

Simone Larsen Bærentzen

Applications of UCB-J in Radionuclide Imaging
13 MayMalene OverbyDiscovery of Novel Interacting Proteins of the Sortilin Receptor

20 May

Louise Sand Kirk

Dysregulation of Specific microRNAs in Animal Models of Depression


3 June

Informal staff meeting


10 JuneInformal staff meetingTBA

17 June

Julie Knudsen


Faecal Microbiota Transplantation from treatment-naïve patients into Flinders Resistant Line Rats induce a depressive-like phenotype

24 JuneFrederikke Demant Søholm Larsen The Activin Pathway in Rodent models of Depression: Effects of S-Ketamine and Cannabidiol