TNU research meetings

Spring 2018


07.02Research meeting + staff meeting
Stine Bak: Effects of low-grade chronic inflammation on the next generation
21.02Research meeting
Gregers Wegener: Writing workshop

Research meeting + staff meeting
Oskar Jefsen: Psilocybin and the psychedelic window of neuroplasticity
Saida Said: Probing conformational changes of the GABA transporter by a fluorescent unnatural amino acid

21.03Research meeting - cancelled
04.04 Research meeting + staff meeting
Alexandra Bannach-Brown: "Living" Systematic Review & Meta-Analyses: Animal Models of Depression

Research meeting
Fenghua Chen: Neuronal mmorphological research in psychiatric disorders

02.05 Research meeting + staff meeting

Research meeting + staff meeting
Erik Kaadt: Biomarkers of depression in skin – a novel approach
Bardia Varastehmoradi:The role of opioid system on cognitive affective bias.

30.05Research meeting
Amanda Eskelund: Casein glycomacropeptide (CGMP): Screening for anxiolytic potential
13.06Research meeting + staff meeting
Julie Knudsen: Characterization of the gut microbiome in patients newly diagnosed with depression

Time and place

Research meetings

  • Every other Wednesday 8:30 - 9:30
  • Studenterundervisningslokalet/
    TNU conference room
    Entrance 47, AUH Risskov

Staff meetings (TNU staff only)

  • First Wednesday each month, 9:30 (or just after the research meetings)
  • TNU coffee room