New publication in Addiction Biology

Check out this new publication by Rodrigo Grassi-Oliveira and colleagues.

Sex differences in brain regional homogeneity during acute abstinence in cocaine use disorder

Sanvicente-Vieira, B, Rothmann, LM, Esper, NB, Tondo, LP, Ferreira, PE, Buchweitz, A, Franco, AR & Grassi-Oliveira, R, 2022, Addiction Biology, vol. 27, no. 3, e13177.

We investigated group and sex differences regarding brain function connectivity network within the human brain connectome of persons with cocaine use disorder (CUD) and controls.  

We found that participants with CUD exhibited parameters like what is usually found in aging-related disorders, reflecting less internal consistency in (a) left precuneus and left superior parietal lobule in males and (b) right superior temporal gyrus and left superior and inferior parietal lobules in females.