Jascha Fonden generously funds TNU researchers

PhD student Shokouh Arjmand and Associate professors from TNU, Betina Elfving, Annie Landau as well as affiliated researchers Luana Domingos, Fernanda Crundli and Nicole Rodrigues receive funding from Jascha Fonden.

PhD Student Shokouh Arjmand receives 259.000 DKK for the project "Sex differences in psychiatry: A new window into rapid acting antidepressants' mechanisms of action".

Associate Professor Betina Elfving receives 282.500 DKK for the project “Identification of BIOmarkers in the human psychiatric BRAIN”BioBrain. As a part of the BioPsych project funded by the ODIN programme (https://projects.au.dk/odin/biopsych), the collaborations and methods for the proposed project have already been established. In the BioBrain project, dysregulated microRNAs will be identified in human brains from the Mississippi Brain Bank in control subjects and patients diagnosed with schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, and depression.

Associate Professor Annie Landau receives 200.000 DKK for the project "First in vivo imaging of G protein-coupled receptor 6: implications for Parkinson’s disease".

Affiliated researchers from Department of Biomedicine Luana Domingos, Fernanda Crunfli and Nicole Rodrigues receive more than 600.000 DKK for their research into cannabinoid effects in psychiatric disorders (preclinical studies).